Gracular Patent Analytics

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Instantly determine the value and ranking of a patent or portfolio of patents.


Disclosure Screening

Why waste resources in filing a patent application that may not be granted? After conducting a Prior Art search to find patents of similar subject matter to a disclosed invention, Disclosure Screen can be used to analyze the prior art patents to determine the likelihood of obtaining a patent with a broad claim scope if the application is filed.

Patent Percentile Ranking (PPR)

Determine the qualitative value of a patent when measured against patents of the same subject matter. For example, if a patent has a PPR of 70 that means it is qualitatively better than 70% of the patents disclosing the same subject matter.


Maintenance Fee Adviser (MFA)

Recommend whether maintenance fee should be paid when due.

Gracular Suggested Retail Price (GSRP)

Instantly determine the value of a patent based on a market-based valuation approach.

Portfolio Management

Can group patents and create you r own customized portfolio .The porfolio also has drill down functionality.

Data Security

No one knows which patent are you looking at.This information is only stored on your local machine.